Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly divorce because of her brother James Haven. This has been revealed by the Canadian filmmaker Ian Halperin who was also the one behind the documentary that will present the ex-couple's life and their decade-long relationship.

Ian Halperin just made an explosive revelation prior to the release of the said documentary. According to him, the cause of the Brangelina split was due to Angelina Jolie's brother, James. It can be recalled that aside from Brad Pitt's life with the actress, Mr. Halperin also penned books about Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, and Celine Dion.

In the said controversial and much-anticipated documentary, it has been revealed that James Haven actually played a part in the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce as per E! News. According to Ian Halperin, he talked to some of the former staff members of the former couple and their family. These sources also revealed that indeed James was living with the couple.

If this was the case and the set-up in their family, people find it hard to believe that Brad Pitt accepted this and to have his brother-in-law live with them. What even brought controversy to this was that before, Angelina and his brother had a very weird and bizarre relationship. The two were even caught sharing a passionate kiss while they made their way on red carpet events.

Even when she and Brad Pitt were already together, Angelina Jolie even maintained this kind of relationship with James. Because of this somewhat weird connection, the actor gave his wife an ultimatum and let her choose between him and her brother. This situation and set-up really put the "Allied" actor over the edge that's why he gave that ultimatum.

Some sources claimed that the reason James lived with them was because of his need for comfort from his sister Angelina Jolie but Brad Pitt knows that it is more than that. Because of this, some people concluded that the split was because of James Haven since he was actually living with them for more than a decade and full time. And everything came into an end when Jolie actually called her brother after having a fight with her husband on a private jet.