Kate Middleton is in the center of another controversy as she is reportedly worried that Prince Harry is becoming more popular than Prince William these days. Apparently, reports are circulating that Harry has been doing his best to be the most responsible royal today.

Some reports were claiming that Kate Middleton and Prince William have been trying their best to eradicate the idea that they are the laziest royals. That's why this year, the royal couple changed their attitude in terms of dealing with their responsibilities. They started to become more focused with their royal engagements as Queen Elizabeth also gave them additional charities for them to work on.

As Prince Harry becomes more serious with his royal work, reports are swirling that Prince William is a bot jealous of his brother. People have noticed that the media have been praising Harry because of his accomplishments in terms of his royal works in the past days. Lately, he just gave a very emotional speech about his mother Diana and pledged to continue her legacy as he also advocated for the closing of landmines come 2025. As per Hello Magazine, his mother really inspired him to be the "People's prince."

If that is not even enough, Prince Harry also impressed the public during his visit to an AIDS Center which Princess Diana once visited. Moreover, he also bonded with his father Prince Charles during a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace while Prince William was in Switzerland with his close friends. Some observed that Harry and his father enjoyed being together and William has his reason to get jealous.

It is not shocking that Prince Harry's popularity has been soaring right now as he has been travelling anywhere just to prove that he is most hardworking member of the royal family at present. KATE Middleton might be worried most especially that her husband, Prince William is actually the second heir to the throne.

While Prince William is still suffering the aftermath of his embarrassing ski-trip in Switzerland, Prince Harry is all smiles as he is gaining a lot of approval for his dedication in his royal works. Kate Middleton has every reason to get worried indeed.