"The Bachelor" Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi might separate due to one major problem and conflict. According to reports, the two might be forced to spend some time apart in the coming days of Vanessa will not be able to fix her residency requirements in the U.S.

Though "The Bachelor" Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have been living together already in Los Angeles as of this moment, it looks like that will not last in the future. As Nick is busy filming for "Dancing with the Stars," Vanessa might be forced to return to Canada. With this, some are saying that she needs to move fast is she wants to stay with her man in Hollywood.

Some reports were claiming that Vanessa Grimaldi needs a K-1 Visa or perhaps a fiancé in order for her to retain her residency in the U.S. But still there's a catch since she will only be awarded with the visa if she and "The Bachelor" Nick Viall decided to tie the knot within 90 days of her applying the visa. Still, it looks like that is impossible to happen right now since they are not even planning to get married at the present as per Daily Mail.

During his interview with People Magazine, ""The Bachelor" Nick Viall shared that he and Vanessa Grimaldi are still thinking how to fix her current statues in the U.S. since in the first place, she is a Canadian citizen. Though she is living with Nick in Los Angeles for weeks now, she needs to go back to Montreal at some point but they need to assure that they are working on her visa right now.

However, "The Bachelor" Nick Viall added that he has not even had the time to visit the family of Vanessa Grimaldi in Canada because of his tight schedule rehearsing and filming for "Dancing with the Stars." According to him, he and Vanessa are just enjoying the time they're together and they know that they have still a long way to go but they are thrilled for that.