After ABC revealed that Nick Viall is the next star of "The Bachelor" Season 21, fans were completely surprised. Notwithstanding their negative reactions, shooting for the sensational reality has already started in Wisconsin.

Viall is a 35-year-old entrepreneur who already appeared on the show three times, once on "Bachelor in Paradise" and twice on "The Bachelorette".

ABC's picking him as the next star for Season 21 was welcomed with mixed reactions considering his previous actions on the show. He was disliked after his revelation on his intimate moments with 'The Bachelorette' stars Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman on national television.

But Viall informed People that he felt genuinely for the two ladies and that there was this great chance that they will end up together. Apart from this, he was also criticized in "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 3 after he broke it off with Jen Saviano.

It can also be recalled that Saviano had mixed feelings about Viall being casted as the next star of the show but she was confident that she has already moved on. Speculations also tell that Viall deserted Saviano after he was offered by the network.

Then not long after the ending of "Bachelor in Paradise", ABC publicized that Viall will be the next star of Season 21.

This is contrary to what fans believed at first that the next star would either be Chase McNary or Luke Dorfman. These two were Jojo Fletcher's castoffs in "The Bachelorette". Well, there are also reports that Dorfman already signed a deal with the network.

Luke Dorfman acknowledged his fans on Instagram after ABC made the official announcement, saying that the timing was not simply right for him. Likewise, McNary posted on Instagram saying that he has not given up on love though his quest for it would still continue outside the ABC reality show.

For the show's production, filming of some scenes already kicked off in Wisconsin as per IB Times. Amid ill views, fans are still thrilled to watch Viall try to search for love among the 25 blessed ladies in "The Bachelor" Season 21.