The fact that Chris Harrison started Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 with a revelation of three proposals to happen has definitely excited viewers. Find out who among the four remaining couples finally got engaged at the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3

As the Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 approaches its end, four couples are still "strong" Evan Bass and Carly Waddell, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton, Grant Kemp and Lace Morris and Nick Viall and Jen Saviano this is according to Enews. The biggest question for this season is who among these couples would be engaged just like Jade and Tanner from the previous season of Bachelor.

Chris Harrison said in an interview that " I don't want to be a greedy person, so I'm going to say three, Three out of four ain't bad!" which revealed the number of couples to be engaged in the season's finale, but who will end as the Bachelor?

As reported by Buddy TV, Evan is already ready to propose the morning after the Fantasy Suite event, though he didn't expect himself to be proposing at all from the start. Meanwhile, Grant somehow realized that he is on a reality show entitled Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, thus proposing to Lace whom she met just a few weeks a go might not be the best thing to do as of the moment. This caused Lace to doubt all her actions in the show including his "Grace" tatoo.  On the other hand, Jen and Nick as well as Josh and Amanda seems to be having the best days in their lives that Amanda even said that the day Josh would propose to her would be the best day in her life.

It turnes out that , Nick and Jen is not destined to have their happy ever after on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. Nick said that he doesn't feel that same way with Jen, which makes Jen's love story sounds as tragic as a Greek Novel. On the other hand, Josh and Amanda are the ones who got engaged though we cannot be sure that it would be a happy ever after as well, it's for the couple to decide and find that out. 

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