The last episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" saw the exit of Chad Johnson due to his indecent behavior.  Now, all that fans expect is the start of love's journey for the contestants.

Well, it did and Monday's episode saw Nick Viall's love life being raged by Josh Murray, once again. A past season of Bachelorette has Josh wooing Andi Dorfman and winning her from Nick. And this time, "Bachelor in Paradise" had history repeating itself as once again Josh pitched, wooed and won over Amanda Stanton.

Moreover, when Josh was challenged by Nick for stealing Amanda, he did not pay heed and without any reason, he also told Nick not to behave like an unregretful jerk.

The episode also had Josh speaking about Andi's biography. In her biography, Andi revealed a lot about Josh and everything that she has written are unpleasant things about him. He said that it was unfortunate that Andi portrayed him in such an untrue manner and also voiced his agony for the same. He termed the book to be fictional as nothing that she has written about him is true and it is pretty unbearable to him.  

Coming to the dates, Nick was lucky as he spent time with both Amanda and Leah Block. He had Leah for company and she was completely swooning over him. But after this when Nick went out with Amanda, it was too hard for Leah to handle and she even tried to get him back. But Nick sent her away.

Lace and Grant also had a great time together. Their passionate lovemaking session was also not much censored by ACS.

However, Carly and Evan had a disastrous time kissing each other. Chris Harington had urged them to break the longest kiss record which they did try but after they parted, Carly threw up and also said that apart from the pepper, it was the kiss that had her throwing up.  

After the rose ceremony, Jubilee and Leah went home, leaving the paradise. But before parting, Jubilee insulted Jared for choosing Emily.