Four alien UFOs are filmed by one of the rockets of the aerospace company SpaceX, which hopes to fly tourists to the moon next year, before stream cuts. The company launched a commercial satellite into space a few days ago. It went without a hitch which was good news for Elon Musk, the boss of the company, considering a recent failed launch.

Anyway, alien fans could see some mysterious things on the cameras as it emerged out of the atmosphere. The Daily Star reports there is a video that shows a part of the rocket with a backdrop of complete darkness. There are four bright lights that move in similar positions, at the same speed. The feed is switched to an animated tracker of the rocket just a few seconds after showing the orbs.

Tyler Glockner, from Secureteam 10 Youtube Channel, states that he finds it very strange. He observes that the feed was cut when the formation of unknown objects in the distance were seen passing by or were passed by the rocket. He adds there is a formation of three reflective objects which create a triangular shape.

UFOs and aliens

Tyler states the camera settings are such that stars should not be seen, thus, the four UFOs look bizarre. The clip was posted yesterday by the Secureteam 10 channel and more than 110,000 people have already seen it. There are many comments and opinions about it. One user said that the truth is out there. Another user said that the aliens are coming. But not all the people think they are UFOs or aliens.

One user said it is just debris, calm down. One sceptical viewer stated the rocket was doing a 90-degree turn, thus, this made the objects appear like they're moving. This event happens after strange Google Earth images surfaced. Some people believe these photos show that extra-terrestrial lifeforms have already landed.