An alleged Unknown Flying Object (UFO) sighting by the military in Chile more than two years ago has just been declassified and there is a lot of information about it online. This is one mystery that has the experts completely stumped.

The Chilean government agency that investigates UFOs, CEFAA, states that a naval helicopter was carrying out the coastal patrol in November 2014 when the camera operator saw an unidentified flying object ahead.

It was flying horizontally and at a constant speed.

The UFO did not appear on radar screens and ejected an unknown material

The crew communicated with local airports and military installations to confirm if the UFO had appeared on their radar screens. The UFO did not appear on their screens. Later, they attempted to contact the craft using standard civilian radio frequencies, but there was no success.

Twice during the recording, the UFO ejects an unknown material into the air, which is only visible on the infrared spectrum, the substance it expels disappears.

Before the crew could obtain any more information, the UFO vanished.

The footage was captured on a Sophisticated Surveillance & Reconnaissance camera.

Agencies were unable to explain this, but a french organization believes it could be a jet

Many agencies were contacted to verify if artificial satellites or falling space debris could explain this phenomenon, but it was impossible. The team assembled to investigate the case include aeronautic engineers, astrophysicists, and video and image analysts. They were unable to explain this.

After conducting a scientific review of the footage using calculations derived from examining the helicopter's path, hot spots from the infrared footage and studying the velocity of the unidentified object, and the nature of the dumped material, IPACO, a French organization, believes that the most probable is that the object is a jet airliner.