A UFO hunter declares to have proof of close cultural links between Christian civilization and an ancient civilization on Mars. According to the UFO hunter, there is an image on Mars snapped by NASA's Curiosity rover which resembles the face of Jesus on the famous Turin Shroud.

The claim was made by Scott C.Waring, in a December 5, 2016 article to his UFO Sightings Daily blog. Waring claimed that the Martian carving is similar in appearance to the face of Jesus on the Turin Shroud. According to Waring, other remains of ancient Mars civilization include carvings similar to those produced by the ancient Mesoamerican Mayan civilization.

Waring also declared that there are artifacts that belonged to an ancient race of tiny humanoid Martians. He added that in some photos, you can see some sculptures which are reminiscent of ancient Mayan carving.

Martians came to Earth because of Nuclear Holocaust 

Alien hunters believe that Mars was populated by thriving humanoid civilizations long time ago. But the civilizations were wiped by thermonuclear explosions.

Some Martians escaped the nuclear holocaust and arrived in UFOs to the Earth, and they became the ancestors of mankind according to some UFO hunters.

UFO hunters claim this is the reason of close cultural, biological and historical similarities between ancient martians and humans.

Some UFO researchers believe that a tiny race of Martians survived the nuclear holocaust on the Red Planet.

Mars is still populated

Waring holds the theory that Mars is currently populated by humanoid aliens who average about six-inches in height. The humanoid aliens have lived on the Red Planet for millions of years and they built advanced civilizations.

The Inquisitr reported last June that alien hunters declared to have found proof of intelligent six-inch humanoid beings on the Red Planet.