There was a Christmas Eve UFO sighting in Clearwater, Florida, where a triangle UFO appeared briefly then disappeared. There was a report about it in Los Angeles a few months ago, and there was another report about a UFO in Missouri which had a translucent appearance, thus, this is possible that UFOs have cloaking technology.

The Clearwater UFO was one of three in that sighting, two UFOs were visible until they passed behind a tree line. The third UFO disappeared completely, this arises many questions about the structure of UFOs.

Do UFOs have a skin to disappear?

When the Missouri sighting took place, speculation centered on a possible "skin" of ceramic material that could make UFOs disappear. A skin theory could give us an answer. The military has performed quantum physics experiments, causing an object to disappear.  

Roger Marsh believes that one of the main reasons he enjoys covering triangle UFO news is because they frequently pass very close to witnesses. Could this low flying be the result of the missions of these UFOs, thus, would they need some sort of cloaking device? 

Determine the truth about UFOs

It will be great to determine if the craft slowly faded from view, or if the UFO made some type of movement and changed its relationship and angle to the witness, so, she lost a good sight line to the UFO. If the craft is slowly turning transparent, then, we will have to determine what is causing these crafts to elude detection.

More details about UFOs are supplied

As more details of this report begin to arise, it will be interesting to see if an improved description of how the UFO disappeared can be hashed out in more news reports. It would also be interesting to get news about a more accurate description of the triangle's altitude, to determine if it is a large, or smaller UFO.