“Grimm” had ended with a satisfying ending for Nick Burkhardt’s (David Giuntoli) Wesen-hunting life. With so many questions opened still, executive producers for the NBC series, Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt answered some fiery questions which had been lingering in some viewers’ minds.

Spoilers have been warned for those who haven’t seen the “Grimm” Season 6 finale yet. To recall, “Grimm” ended with six seasons and 123 episodes. The second to the last episode then teased Hank and Wu’s death as something that Nick would face something horrifying as the show comes to an end.

Yet, amid the battle with the Zerstorer, Nick returned to his world and the good thing is that the Portland detective saw that his beloved people were safe and that his horrifying battle with the Zerstorer happened in "the other place." Hence, “Grimm” ended with a satisfying happy ending.

The last “Grimm” Season 6 scene then flashed back 20 years later that showed Nick and Adalind’s children, Kelly and Diana to be the next generation of Wesen-fighting Grimms. Hence, a potential spin-off was speculated by fans. The writers then answered that theory by saying that it’s all up to NBC. “There could be. You never know,” Greenwalt said.

Regarding the “Grimm” flashback ending scene, Kouf said that they really wanted to close the book for the “Grimm” series since NBC confirmed that there would be no more Season 7 for the fantasy series per Deadline. He then concluded that the 20 years jump forward in time seemed like a very “fairytale” ending to the show.

Furthermore, the “Grimm” EP’s said that they had the Season 6 finale thought out before shooting it. They then cleared what happened to the beloved characters of the series after the finale on Mashable. Nick and Adalind where then mentioned to be obviously still together. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee had the triplets and are still happy together.

Regarding “Grimm” characters Renard, Eve and Trubel, they just said that it is up to the viewers to think what happened to them. “I think they all came together with the reality that this war, this battle, will continue and they will fight it together,” Kouf added.