“Suits” had been one of the most-watched TV series on USA Network. Good news is the series is set to return on its Season 7. What’s more is that showrunner/creator Aaron Korsh spilled some of the deals that viewers could expect in its upcoming season.

“Suits” season 6 finale wrapped up as Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) leaves jail and says goodbye to his fraud life. He then finally receives his license as a real lawyer. Thanks to surprise testimony made by Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) which convinced Anita Gibbs, (Leslie Hopes) Mike is now free and offered a job already in Pearson Specter Litt.

With that said, Adams mentioned that the last minute appearance of Jessica Pearson in “Suits” Season 6 finale surprised him as well. He then mentioned that the appearance of Jessica would be a perfect introduction if she would ever have her own storyline per Celebeat.

Deadline then revealed that Gina Torres who plays Jessica Pearson had already signed a deal with studio responsible for “Suits,” Universal Cable Prods. The spin-off would be under the supervision of creator/showrunner Aaron Korsh “I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity and the level of confidence Bonnie Hammer, Jeff Wachtel and everyone at UCP has in me and the potential of this project,” Torres mentioned.

Moreover, Korsh added that Torres herself pitched the subject that Jessica Pearson should have a spin-off. Torres was also said to share her thoughts with the writers of “Suits” about what Jessica’s story could be if seen in the future. Regarding Gina Torres’ appearance on “Suits” Season 7, Korsh responded that they will never count her out.

Furthermore, Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) spilled that the bromance between him and Mike could be expected in “Suits” Season 7. Macht also hinted about the outcome of Donna and Harvey’s relationship. He mentioned that whether will they be together could be unveiled in the last moments of the series per IB Times. Harvey is also mentioned to root for a management partner position in the firm, yet his charms may be removed fast and could encounter problems along the way.

Release date of “Suits” Season 7 was just mentioned in the promo trailer to be in this coming summer. Yet, no confirmations on the exact date release was revealed.