The Green Bay Packers are not done augmenting their roster for next season. They are looking to further boost their offensive line by acquiring the best available talent in the trade market. Latest news is now saying that they are reportedly interested in acquiring veteran free agent running back Jamaal Charles.

The Green Bay Packers had a spectacular performance last season. They were able to clinch the fourth seed in the NFC Division and enter the playoffs for eight consecutive seasons. They beat the New York Giants in the Wild Card Playoffs and upset the first seed Dallas Cowboys in the Divisional Playoffs. However, they were booted out by the Atlanta Falcons in NFC Championship ending their run to the Super Bowl.

Though disappointed, the Green Bay Packers are moving on and now seriously building their lineup for next season. Many say that one spot that they have to fill up is running back spot and it looks like they have one potential target available in the trade market.

According to CBSSports, the Green Bay Packers are looking at Jamaal Charles as one possible option at the RB position next season. With only Ty Montgomery and Christine Michael on the Packets RB depth chart, taking Charles into consideration could be a plausible choice for them.

Aside from Jamaal Charles, the Green Bay Packers was also linked other running backs like LeGarrette Blount and Adrian Peterson. But Blount is still discussing with the New England Patriots while Peterson's price tag seemingly so high that many teams are scared of absorbing it. With that, many think that Charles is one high-caliber player that can be acquired at the right price.

Aside from running attacks, the Green Bay Packers could take advantage of Jamaal Charles passing game skills. In nine season with the Chiefs, Charles was able to put up 7,260 rushing yards and 43 rushing touchdowns. His passing game is also tested as he was able to register 285 excellent catches for 2,457 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Will the Green Bay Packers still pursue Jamaal Charles in the free agency market?