The Jay Cutler free agency saga still continues. As the 33-year old free agent quarterback is taking a good time on vacation, recent reports are spreading that one team is allegedly looking to be interested in having him on their roster, the Houston Texans.

Many are surprised why Jay Cutler is still unsigned up to this moment after being released by the Chicago Bears earlier this month. After serving the Bears for eight seasons, it seems that no teams have initially take a good look at him until he was linked to the New York Jets. However, the Jets choose to sign Josh McCown from the Cleveland Browns leaving Cutler disappointed.

Earlier reports have also linked Jay Cutler for a possible return to the Denver Broncos, who drafted him in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft. But the possibility of Cutler heading back to the Broncos is still up in the air as both parties have never commented on it. And now, latest news is saying that the Houston Texans could be a possible destination for him next season.

According to, as the market for Jay Cutler looks to be unclear, there is still a chance that the Houston Texans might consider of adding him to their lineup. Just recently, the Texans traded former starting quarterback Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns just to free some cap space in able to acquire Tony Romo.

It is no secret that Tony Romo is the Houston Texans first option on the spot vacated by Brock Osweiler but it appears that negotiation is not happening, making Jay Cutler as another option for them. As of this moment, the Texans are left with Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden in their quarterback depth chart making the position vulnerable if one of the two got injured.

In his eleven seasons in the NFL, Jay Cutler has recorded a total of 32,467 yards throws for 208 touchdowns and 146 interceptions with an 85.7 percent passer rating. He was also awarded as the AFC passing yards leader in 2008 and selected to the Pro Bowl the same year. But during his tenure with the Chicago Bears, he only leads the team to one playoff appearance in 2010.

Will Jay Cutler be able to join the Houston Texans this offseason?