News about Tony Romo situation is once again hitting the headlines as of late. Up until now, Romo's status with the Dallas Cowboys is still uncertain as the team hasn't released any plans regarding him after Dak Prescott assumed the starting QB for the team.

Tony Romo has been the subject of different controversies last season. He wasn't able to start for the Dallas Cowboys after suffering a back injury during a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks. Without their starting quarterback, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett decide to start unproven rookie Dak Prescott. The risk pays great dividends for the Cowboys as Prescott lead the team to claim the first seed in the NFC Division.

With the emergence of Dak Prescott, Tony Romo wasn't able to reclaim the starting job after missing the first 10 games of the team. And as the league is heading into a new season, many believed that the Dallas Cowboys will still have Prescott as the main signal caller leaving Romo out of the rotation. Now, recent reports are saying that Romo has two clear paths to take.

According to FOXSports, Tony Romo future has narrowed to two options, going to the Houston Texans or retire. Earlier reports also linked Romo to the Denver Broncos but it seems that the Broncos have dropped their interest to the 36-year old quarterback. And with Broncos seems to be out of the picture, the Texans are deemed to be the frontrunner to get Romo.

However, there is also a notion that Tony Romo might choose to retire and may only serve as an analyst. FOX already offered Romo to be their broadcast analyst but CBS are also pursuing the four-time Pro Bowler. With that scenario, the Houston Texans must act fast and take a phone to the Dallas Cowboys right away.

In thirteen seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo has thrown 34,183 yards for 248 touchdowns and 117 interceptions with a 97.1 percent passer rating. During his tenure with the Cowboys, he hasn't lead the team in a Super Bowl appearance and he might not have the chance to do it in the coming seasons.

Will Tony Romo decides to join the Houston Texans or choose to retire already?