Houston Rockets guard James Harden says that he can rest when the NBA season is over, Harden's message to the Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni is to constantly keep putting him in the lineup. Harden believes that he is a hooper and he just wants to hoop, he feels that he can rest when he is done. Until then there is no rest for him till the season is over.

Harden thinks that the organization and his teammates want him to go out there and do what he does. The NBA superstar had seven rebounds, 11 assists and 39 points. He is currently averaging around 36.5 minutes per game and has 19 triple doubles this season as per ESPN.

The Rockets coach D'Antoni said that Harden gives an example every night, he further stated that he has been around a long time and never seen anything better. Harden so far has missed only one practice, the one after the All- Star break. Apart from that he has been at the Toyota Center working with his teammates and enjoying the grind of the season.

The Rockets have two days as rest before they take on the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday night. Harden thinks that those two days is a time for him to stretch and be ready to go. Adam Silver the NBA Commissioner called the practice of teams resting marquee players. He sent a memo to team owners stating it is an extremely significant issue for the league.

Silver informed the teams that the issue is a prime topic of discussion and it will be discussed in the next NBA board governors meeting. For the teams that do not obey the rules they will face significant penalties. While the Rockets are all set to take on the Pelicans, Harden is preparing himself for his best.