Doctors in the intensive care of a Canadian hospital have really shocked as they have witnessed that a patient has active brain pulses after he has died. Four patients who were admitted to a Canadian hospital were kept at the incentive care unit. Eventually, all of the four patients had died and one of these patients showed this phenomenon.

The patient showed this activity even after 10 minutes he was declared death. The patient showed all the signs of being dead as there was no pulse and unreactive pupils were present in the patient. But doctors have discovered the presence of delta wave bursts which is generally available when humans are sleeping. Therefore, it is really surprising for the doctors when they discovered such waves from a dead man. 

According to a report from NCBI, it is known that such delta wave bursts can be shown in a dead patient very rarely. It is mainly because of the cardiac rhythm and arterial blood pressure. They have also reported that each patient has different and unique death experience. Though only one of the four patients showed the activity of delta wave bursts but when the EEG records of all those four patients were checked, doctors found few similarities in their frontal brain activities. Although there was some significant difference in the amplitude of the brain recordings.

Some doctors made their comments on this incident and they said, sometimes it is very natural to find a significant amount of brain activities even after the death. These brain waves are known as the death waves. 

Scientists have also done a research on the post-death activity a few years ago and they have also found that there are about 1000 genes are active after a death. Therefore, it can be a good field to study. At the same time, scientists are eager to know about the post-death activity of different animals too.