When it comes to the life, the heartbeat is one of the most important things. At the same time, most of the people are aware of the fact how medical science has witnessed an exponential growth. Therefore, it is very much expected that the scientists and doctors have will figure out what is the real science behind the heartbeat and how it actually works.

According to scientific reports, scientists and doctors are yet to figure out the proper working principle of the heart. Yes, scientists know how the pumping of the heart is done but it is yet to be figured out how the heart gets filled up with the blood. Though it was yet to figure out, but the recent studies have revealed that scientists are able to figure out how the heart gets filled up with the blood and they are revealing it.

Most of the people who comes from the medical background know that the size of the heart is approximately close to the fist of a human. At the same time, a heart has four chambers as well. The upper chambers are called atria and the lower chambers are termed as ventricles.

Generally, the blood which is deoxygenated leaves the right ventricles and then it travels to our lungs. After this blood gets oxygenated from the lungs it returns to the heart via right atrium and then the blood gets pumped to the whole body by the left ventricle. According to Karolinska Institute, it is the hydraulic forces who helps the heart to fill up with blood 

Though there are plenty of studies are going on heart but scientists were still not sure how blood fills up in the heart. But researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology are able to figure out the exact size of the each of the chamber when the heart is beating. There are some scientists who think that the working principle of the heart is like the water balloon. This research has opened many eyes and it is expected that scientists will be able to discover the unknown facts about our heart.