In the 21st century, we have witnessed a rapid growth in the field of technology and this growth has a significant impact on the people's life. From the early 1980s, we have witnessed that the computer started to contribute in working sectors. Now, in 2017 the computer has become one of the most important parts of the working sectors.

The computer technology has witnessed a revolutionary improvement in the last three decades. It is expected that the growth will continue at an exponential rate in the next decades. Therefore, scientists are looking to build such computers which will have self-replicating capabilities. In this self-replicating computers, the silicon chips will be replaced by the DNA molecules. If scientists are able to design these self-replicating computers then it would be a way faster than the quantum computers.

The nondeterministic universal Turning machine has predicted that it is possible for a technology to execute all the algorithms which can result in a DNA replication. Therefore, if this computer is designed then it can replicate its own copies for billions of years.

The computers which are under use currently run on silicon chips and in order to build a fast computer a good number of silicon chips must be used. But the problem is no matter how much silicon chips is used there is always an upper limit in this technology. That means a computer can't be faster than its upper limit. But in the self-replicating types of computers, there won't be such limitation which will be a great advantage. 

The quantum computer is the fastest computer used in the world till now. But the point is, nobody has able to build a perfect quantum computer so far. Therefore, with the introduction of this self-replicating technology, it is possible to build a perfect quantum computer. The manufacturer has to build one perfect chip and then it will just replicate. 

It is expected to take some years before we get a complete design of this type of computer. But once it is designed it would be the most mesmerizing type of computer in the history.