The computer science and technology has evolved a lot in the last couple of decades. The latest addition to the computer science and technology is the quantum computers. Quantum computers are not yet working in the full fledge right now and different companies are doing their researches which can take the quantum computers in the mainstream.

It has been reported that IBM is taking a fair amount of initiative and they are also concentrating on quantum computers. Therefore, it is clear that IBM is already planning the future of the quantum computers and if they are able to get quantum computer work in the mainstream then it will be a huge achievement for IBM.

The service IBM is launching a new service called 'IBM Q' for the quantum computers.  In this service, people will get the access to the early stage of the quantum computer simultaneously people will get a free use of that computer over the internet. 

Currently, the quantum computer which is developed by the IBM is running on just five qubits. Therefore, a significant amount of difference won't be noticed. At the same time, it won't be much faster than a conventional computer. 

Though the capability of the quantum computer is not at its best right now. But technology is improving every day and it is possible that IBM can launch a quantum computer with 50 qubits in just next few years. When a quantum computer with 50 qubits is designed then it will be a way faster than conventional computers and at the same time, it will be handy when it comes to solving many complex equations.

Till now, it is very much assured that the quantum computers ill make the job a lot easier when it comes to dealing with complex problems. But, the cost which will be required to design a full fledged quantum computer is not yet determined at the same time, companies are not sure how people will approve this quantum computer.