Evolution is one of the important parts of the biological science and the life we are living now is all because of the evolution. But the thing is after hundreds of years of study scientists are still not sure on how exactly life started on the planet earth. There is always new hypotheses are coming and few of them really can't be ignored.

Now scientists are trying to figure out if there was any kind of life before the formation of the nucleic acid. Phosphate which is an essential component of the Nucleic acid is essential to build the life. But scientists have found an evidence of primitive biochemistry which can be useful when it comes to building lives. This discovery also made few scientists say that metabolism came before life.

Scientists from universities like MIT and Boston Universities have found that phosphate is not necessary for metabolism as there are some other ways to get metabolism. If scientists are able to find all different ways which can help in metabolism the mystery of life will be a lot clearer.

Life is basically based on complex organic chemistry. The organic chemistry code which can replicate on its own a form the simplest form of life. The organic chemistry code of the simplest form of the life it is not so complex. But when the replication happens it forms a very complex code and thus the much-improved form of life forms.

When a chemical code forms Rybo Nucleic Acid (RNA) it gets the power of replication. But when replication happens due to RNA it consumes a fair bit of energy. Simultaneously, RNA molecules also include phosphate which plays an important role in metabolism.

The recent search also proves that it is not the phosphate from where the life actually kicked on. There is a huge possibility that life actually started from biochemical compositions.