In recent times the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has progressed a lot and it gives a neck to neck competition when it comes to launching satellites to space. In the last decade, ISRO has successfully executed many missions and that includes launching satellites to sending crafts to the moon. But above all, the latest feather in the cap of ISRO left every scientist around the world astonishing on the ability of Indian scientists. On 15th February 2017, ISRO has launched 104 satellites in about 18 minutes about of time, which can be considered as a remarkable achievement by the Indian Space Organization.

ISRO has able to launch 104 satellites in about 18 minutes of time which has really set a new record in the world. The previous record was about 37 satellites in 18 minutes which was launched by Russia almost three years ago in 2014. 

All the satellites were released by Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle which had launched the satellite at a speed of 17,000 mph. Under such high speed, a small mishappening could cause a huge accident and it could easily destroy around 88 satellites which were launched in the sky. But the scientists executed every bit of work perfectly and all of the satellites were launched successfully in the sky. Among 104 satellites which were launched by the ISRO, most of them were small satellites, 88 to be precise. The weight of those small satellites was under 10 pounds.

One of the best things about ISRO launching satellites to the sky is it is really cost effective. That means ISRO can launch satellites efficiently and that is too at a reasonable cost. When ISRO launched a spacecraft to the moon in 2014 it cost them around $74 million but NASA estimated that the cost will be around $670 million. Therefore, it can be understood how efficiently ISRO can execute a mission at a reasonable cost. 

Out of 104 satellites, India owned three satellites and remaining 101 satellites were for commercial purposes.