When it comes to the nuclear power North Korea is one of the most concerning nations in the world. The country suffers from intense poverty but it never lacks in showing off its strong nuclear power. The nuclear power of the country is getting dangerous day by day and it is becoming the big reason for worry for many nations like the US.

Recently the North Korean government has tested one of its ballistic missiles on east sea. It is reported that the missile was launched from the North Korean capital Pyongyang and it was dropped almost 300 miles from the North Korean capital in the middle of the east sea. 

This missile testing has concerned many countries across the world. Event the allies of North Korea Russia and China has opposed this decision. Therefore, many people can think that it may draw a line between the friendship of North Korea and China. If it happens then there is a good possibility that the economic system of North Korea will be affected as well. But it looks like that nothing can stop North Korea from testing out its ballistic missiles. The North Korean government has tested 24 missiles last year and it looks like they are ready to test more missiles this year.

It is a known fact that North Korea poses a constant threat to the United States and they are constantly upgrading their nuclear arsenal. According to a report published by the US, it was said that North Korea had 20 nukes in 2015  and it is expected to double up in few years time. Therefore, it can be considered as a big reason for worry to the US. Though North Korean missiles don't have enough power to hit the main lands of the United States but it can certainly hit the South Korea who is an ally of the United States.