Nokia 3310 was released back on September 1, 2000. Therefore, you probably wondering what is Nokia 3310 doing in the headlines. Well, according to a reliable source, it is reported that Nokia is very keen to bring back the classic Nokia 3310 this year. Therefore, there are many people who start to wonder what is the function of a feature phone in 2017 when everybody is so much busy with smartphones like iPhone 7 and galaxy note S7. 

If you are used to using phones back in 200s then you will know that Nokia 3310 was one of the most popular feature time in that time. The main reason for its popularity was it was really hardy and strong. There are many reports that the phone was dipped into the water and dropped on the floor for many times but it did not affect the phone by one bit. You would start the phone and it would perfectly without any kind of flaws.

Nokia was very much successful with this handset as well. At its peak time, there were about 126 millions active units of this handset which can be surely considered as a significant amount. The handset also helped to build a good reputation for Nokia which helped the Finnish company in the long run.

The price of the phone is also going to be very much affordable. The expected price of this feature phone will be around 59 euro which is equivalent to $63 and the device will primarily target the European markets.

The handset poses another advantage which is its battery life. The expected battery life of this phone will be around 260 hours which is really good. That means if you charge the phone once in a day then it will be sufficient to run all day long.

Therefore, the expectations around the comeback of Nokia 3310 is really high and it is expected that the handset will live up to its expectations.