It is a known fact that the temperature of the inner core of the higher is way higher than the surface temperature of the sun. Therefore, it is really obvious that under such high temperature it is basically impossible for any object to remain in the solid state. But the inner core of the Earth remains is solid state and scientists were trying to figure out the main reason for that for a long period of time. After a long study and research, now it looks like they are finally able to come to a conclusion.

Primarily scientists thought that the main reason for the solid structure of the core of the earth is the immense amount of pressure. But right now this theory can be ruled out as the new theory proves that the pressure is not the only reason that helps the inner core of the earth to remain solid. The atomic architecture and the atomic state of the center of the earth plays a major role in that.

A group of scientists and researchers revealed that the atomic structure and the atomic state has never been seen before and it is really hard to find. According to the recent theories, the atomic structure and the atomic state of the core of the planet really help it remain solid. If this theory is correct then it will really help to solve the many queries which were there for many decades.

A team of Royal Institute Of technology which is situated in Sweden has revealed that they are using one of the best supercomputers in order to understand the stimulation of atomic processes which is taking place at the center of the earth.

At first, researchers thought that the structure of the inner core of the earth is based on the HCP crystallization as under such high pressure it is theoretically impossible for BCC crystallization to exist. But after the new research it scientists has revealed that the inner core of the earth has a BCC crystallization but in such an arrangement which was never seen before.