NASA expects to find aliens by 2031 in the icy atmosphere of Jupiter's moon Europa. While it is impossible to find life on Europa, NASA likes to think in a different way. It said that there may be a slight possibility that Europa hosts life.

There are many scientists who question this thinking as Europa is not ideal for the life. Its too cold environment never suits life. But NASA is very keen to perform an experiment on Europa as they are planning to send a robot to the moon in order to analyse its surface. NASA is planning to drill around 10cm surface on Europa to find out what are the materials it consists of. At the same time, NASA is trying to check if the environment around the satellite is good enough to support life.

Before the original mission takes place, NASA tried to scout the environment of the Europa. So far, it has failed to figure out the conditions on the ground of Europa. In order to solve this issue, NASA is trying to introduce a new lander concept while setting the mission to kick off in 2024. 

The lander will carry a very advanced camera system which will take snapshots during the journey to help scientists and researchers to carry on their research. Along with a camera, the design is expected to carry a geophone which will help record all the geological activity around the natural satellite. On top of this, NASA also plans to drill around 19 km through the surface of Europa in order to find out how life will flourish there.