Though North Korea is not efficient enough to feed his own people as there are about 2/3rd people of North Korea is suffering from malnutrition. But when it come to the nuclear power, North Korea poses a significant power to the world.Recently, the east Asian country has launched a missile but soon after they have launched the missile they have faced opposition.

China has opposed the missile launch from the word go. The Chinese foreign ministry has claimed that it has violated the regulations of the United Nations.

At the same time, Russia who is one of the most important allies of North Korea also opposes the decision of testing out missile weapons.

The opinion of China and Russia is really going to play a very important role as they were part of six part talks which was started back in 2003. The other members of six part talks are the United States, South Korea, Japan, and North Korea.

The missile which was tested by the North Korean government is the part of North Korean ballistic missile arsenal. The range of these ballistic missiles is significantly good which can range up to 3000 kilometers to 5500 kilometers.

The North Korean government is taking more initiative to boost up the power of their missiles as now they are focusing on the improvement of missile engines. According to the reports of the United States, the North Korean government have tested several missiles on East Sea and Japan Sea.

North Korea shares a significant amount of border with China and at the same time, China plays a very crucial role in the economic system of North Korea. Therefore, if there is any kind of crack takes place between the relationship of North Korea and China then it may affect the North Korean economy badly.