Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th president of the United States for the Republican party. Though Trump is elected as the president of the United States but he has one of the lowest approval rates with only 44 percent. But according to the president Donald Trump, all the polls which were negative and which were against him are fake. He has also blamed channels like ABC, NBC, and CNN for spreading out this so called 'Fake News'.

There was another survey conducted by the Gallup on this week in order to confirm the approval rate of the newest president of the USA. But according to the Gallup, the approval rate of Donald Trump stands at the even lower point which is about 42 percent. With this approval rate, Donald Trump has the lowest approval rate as any US president ever worked in the office.

According to the reports of Gallup, the disapproval percentage of the president Donald Trump is getting increased day by day. In previous surveys, the disapproval rating was about 50 percent and now it has jumped to 53 percent.

When it comes to comparing with the previous president of the USA Barack Obama the approval rating of the Donald Trump stands at nowhere. Barack Obama had the approval rating about 76 percent after the 14 days in the office which is highest by any US president ever. Barack Obama can be followed by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in terms of approval rating with 59% and 58% respectively.

Though Donald Trump has the lowest ratings as the US president but there is a slight improvement in his approval rating compared to January when he had an approval rating of 40 percent. It seems like the approval rating has dropped as he has banned seven foreign countries from visiting the USA. Though according to many polls and reports Donald Trump has a very low approval rate but the president himself claimed that they are fake.