This year has been a special UFO sightings year, according to HNGN. On November 23, 3.15 p.m., a strange silver-gray shape was captured on a video over downtown Houston.

The shot was sent by an eyewitness to mutual UFO network (MUFON). He claimed that the UFO kept changing it shape over about four minutes. At first, the light was seen getting reflected in the sky, and it was still at first, but as the onlooker kept staring, it began to change form.

The eyewitness said: "I noticed the reflection of light in the sky. It was stationary, and appeared to change shape."

The strange shape is being probed by MUFON.

However, a map recording UFO sightings has indicated low Houston occurrences compared to the rest of the US, especially the southeastern areas. It has been reported that in Harris County alone, where Houston is located, some 8.8 sightings per 100,000 people has been recorded, according to the National UFO Reporting Center's data.

Still, although UFO enthusiasts are convinced that the object appeared to be "morphing or changing shape" even as it traversed the sky, many have dismissed it only as a drone or a cluster of balloons.

MUFON has found that many people are clear that flying saucers do exist in the world. Yet some surveyed replied that a number of such sightings are only man-made objects such as weather balloons or satellites, or even natural phenomena such as "ball lightning or meteors."

YouTube/Big World