A number of UFO sightings have been spotted through not only decades, but even through centuries, as reported by HNGN.

A new question has been posited: Are we all alien worshippers? Is God an Alien?

That is the strange and fascinating theory that UFO hunters are putting out. God appeared on an alien machine more than 400 years ago, it is reported.

In a painting from the 16th Century, from a church in Tuscany, you can see that the painting by Italian artist Ventura Salimbeni shows God and Jesus - flanking a mysterious, metal object, which looks like a very ordinary, earthy object - the Russian spaceship Sputnik!

This one was painted 357 years before the real Sputnik - the first human object to soar into space - was launched.

The strange and bizarre Biblical reference was revealed YouTube channel Strange Mysteries.

Thus, isn't it obvious that aliens have been controlling humans for centuries? It sure gives an insight into the God-Alien theory.

The video said: "This just looks a little bit too uncanny for symbolic reference. If the sphere is said to represent the universe, why did the painter not include any stars or other celestial objects? Why does the sphere seem to reflect light much like an actual shiny ball would? What exactly was the vision the artist saw when he painted this work of art? What inspired him? This is truly odd."

Additions were made to the theory by UFO hunter Scott C Waring. He wrote: "The artist must have had some mental visions given to him from an alien. Aliens can and have mentally manipulated humans since the beginning of our existence."

The secret Soviet Union UFO files have shows some links between humans and UFOs, just like the US through the decades. It has been reported that UFOs have frequently inhabited the Big Twos in the earlier centuries. Soviet-born UFO researcher and author Paul Stonehill said. "The Soviets were shocked so many UFOs could penetrate their borders and basically just do what they wanted without any control from the Kremlin.

"There were many more cases of direct encounters than in the United States, and anything which was flying over the Soviet Union was very interested in secret military installations."

So is our God an Alien? The above examples certainly do not show the kind, benevolent entity that we thought he would be.

Perhaps these Aliens aren't really gods - unless we are mistaken about what a God should be!

YouTube/Strange Mysteries