Aliens seem to be buzzing all over the world, as HNGN has reported. The latest one is over Newton Abbot.

One resident paranormal 'expert', John Mooner, recently caught and captured alien activity.

John Mooner explains that he is the "chief photographer for world UFO photos." He sent his sightings since June to the media.

At one point, he actually managed to catch eight UFOs above Newton Abbot.

"Newton Abbot is definitely a hotspot for UFO activity. I truly wish that the British government would tell the truth about alien visitation in the UK.," he said. 

The most recent of his photographs show a 'flying saucer' with an alien holding a 'device'. He came out early in the morning, when it was absolutely cold. He could see the stars, as the lamp posts had switched off. He gazed up at the stars and began to think about aliens, when it happened.

He said: "I was only outside for ten minutes when I was just about to go back inside due to the cold conditions, but as I turned I spotted a strange glow that caught my attention. I immediately zoomed in with my Nikon P900 camera and I could see the glowing was coming from the outer ring of a flying saucer. The outer ring of the flying saucer looked almost like glass and the light that was being emitted reminded me of light from a cathode light.

"The middle of the saucer was dimly lit and looked dirty. I took a photograph and watched as the flying saucer moved off into the distance and out of sight. After studying the photograph I spotted what appeared to be an alien being in the bottom left part of the flying saucer. The alien being appears to be holding some type of device. I believe that the device could be some type of scope or camera. Fascinating."

That does seem to be a mindboggling experience. However, Mooner seems to have seen a number of UFOs, so he is quite an alien expert, and has confirmed their existence.

Do you believe them?