A strange shape over the city was noticed by Mike Collins and his wife Erich, when they were walking around the harbour towards the Pavilion Marina car park at just after 5pm. They spotted the strange, elliptical shape around the harbour at some time just after 5pm.

After observing it for 10 minutes, they filmed the eccentric activity. They later realised that a UFO sighting was shared all over the world at the same time. The Twitter hashtag #ufoattacktoturkey was trending globally. The Aliens seemed to be attacking Tuesday night, sending Turkey into mass panic mode.

"I went to bed really spooked," Mike said. "People may laugh but I know what I saw."

Even if his film looks a bit unsteady, it was definitely "unidentified", not a "helicopter, Chinese lantern or light aircraft," he said.

Mike added: "My only regret is that I didn't film it sooner. It was much brighter to start with and we kept walking towards it but it didn't move. I saw a light aircraft with red lights fly under and that was much, much smaller. By the time I got to the Marina car park and decided to film it the lights were much much dimmer."

He explained that he and his wife had noticed this "very, very bright light that just stayed stationary." It had appeared to be bright to begin with.

He added: "One of my daughters then sent me a link on Facebook about multiple UFO sightings in Turkey on 28 November which I found a little worrying. I wonder how many other people saw it."

YouTube/Mike Collins