Applying makeup can be trickier than you think, especially when there are hundreds of different makeup brushes, sponges and blenders that come in all shapes and sizes. While using one brush to apply your makeup seems ideal, that isn't usually the case, as there is literally a different brush for every routine, product and look. Beauty addicts are known for having a large variety of makeup brushes for the perfect application, but most people probably have no idea what half of them are even for. Some swear there are only about five to 10 brushes that are essential and necessary for creating any look, but now there's a brand new style of brush available that may become your new favorite tool.

Oval-shaped makeup brushes have become the latest beauty trend and are perfect for applying liquid foundation and even some powder foundations. The brush, which kind of looks like a mini hair brush, has a much different shape and style than a typical makeup brush, and although they may look confusing and difficult, they're actually pretty easy to use.

"The brushes have three to 10 times the amount of individual fibers as conventional brushes, which makes the application almost magnetic," celebrity makeup artist Julianne Kay told E! News. "Every single client I've used them on swoons over how soft they feel against their skin."

Not only are they soft, but they're more sanitary, as they are cruelty-free and not made of the traditional animal-hair that most makeup brushes use, which tend to attract and hold onto a lot of bacteria.

Kay prefers to use the oval brush to paint on foundation. She recommends starting with larger sizes to apply foundation, bronzer or even highlighter as they are easier to use than the smaller ones. "Just apply it to the skin in circular motions, like a kabuki brush," she explained. "The smaller, shadow brushes are great too if you're going for a bold, dark eye look because they really lay down the color with almost no fallout."

Her personal favorite oval brushes are made by Artis, but these will cost you a pretty penny, as some of the larger ones are about $80 each and a set of 10 can cost around $350. Artis has several different sizes available for all your beauty needs, while MAC Cosmetics even has a few for a much cheaper price. Their Oval 6 Brush, which is ideal for blending foundation and contouring, is only $42, which may seem like a lot but is a pretty typical price for a well-made and consistent brush.

Matthew Waitesmith, a former senior vice president at MAC, came up with the idea for these brushes, according to My Brush Betty. As a consultant partner at global brush manufacturer Taiki USA, he launched the full line of Artis brushes back in 2014, and the line has grown significantly since.

Kylie Jenner recently revealed her full $3,500 beauty routine in a video on her app and website, and she said she's a huge fan of these brushes for applying moisturizer, according to the Daily Mail. The 18-year-old reality star revealed that she uses one of the $72 Artis brushes every single day to apply her moisturizer because she thinks the brushes "feel amazing."

Check out some video tutorials on how to use the brushes below!