Son Goku is the original super saiyan. His is a name that no self-respecting anime fan cannot recognize. Many consider him to be the strongest character ever created, one of the truly "broken characters," on par with Superman. But is he unbeatable? In a word: no.

Throughout the entire "Dragon Ball" franchise, Goku has met every challenger he has faced with the top-tier strength and martial arts skill in a way that has endeared countless anime and manga fans to him. Many fans have made connections between Goku and Jesus Christ, spawning the unofficial religion and global phenomenon of Gokuism, according to the Dao of Dragon Ball. Many fans - and I can attest to this, as several of my friends and extended friends are avid Gokuists - believe that the fictional alien warrior is "our lord and savior."

But does this make Goku the "God of all anime characters?" Maybe, maybe not. The man has been proven mortal, having died in battle twice and subsequently coming back to life through unnatural means. This means he can be defeated in battle, so HNGN's geek enthusiasts want to give Goku the challenge he likely wants (as a saiyan, he loves to fight stronger and stronger opponents). We've selected a dream roster of contenders who can satisfy his craving for competition:

1. Saitama: The title character of "One-Punch Man." An incredibly average-looking human with unmatched punching power that can defeat any enemy with one punch. Full power level currently unknown. Very often talked about in forums.

2. Kenshiro: The protagonist of the post-apocalyptic manga "Fist of the North Star." Kenshiro is the master of the martial art of Hokuto Shinken, which utilizes precision strikes to vital points on the body and can reduce an enemy's body to mush with the touch of a finger.

3. Itachi Uchiha: Prodigal shinobi and fan favorite of the "Naruto" series. Wielder of the formidable mangekyo sharingan eye, he can cast illusions that can not only control all five senses but also cause intense pain and fatigue, as well as many other lethal techniques. Forced to become a rogue ninja after annihilating his entire clan.

4. Borsalino: Also known as Kizaru, one of three marine admirals in "One Piece." Ate the Glint-Glint devil fruit and became a man of light, capable of moving and fighting at the speed of light. Not easily injured in battle, as most normal attacks simply pass right through his body.

5. Negi Springfield (Writer's choice): 10-year-old wizard and protagonist of "Negima! Magister Negi Magi." Capable of absorbing both his own magic and his opponent's energy attacks to transform himself and boost his strength, he is on par with the strongest warriors in his solar system. Brilliant in battle, and supposedly unable to be killed, he is said to be the most powerful immortal by certain characters in the sequel manga "UQ Holder." 

6. Sosuke Aizen: Antagonist of "Bleach," and one of the strongest characters featured in the series. Possesses supreme fighting power several levels above other soul reapers to the point where no one can injure him in battle. Once sought the throne of the Soul King, but was ultimately thwarted. His sword, Kyoka Suigetsu, can cast perfect hypnosis spells on his enemies.

From the countless characters talked about in forums across the Internet, these six were selected based on their personalities, fighting styles, and their overall ability to give Goku a good fight that could either be decided right away or could take him right to his limit.

Please leave a comment below as to who among these men you would like to see HNGN analyze and pit against Goku in an unbiased, side-by-side comparison to see who would come out on top next Wednesday, January 13.

Think we left someone out who deserves to be in the running? Let us know!