When Apple released the Magic Trackpad 2, many were disappointed because it has a hefty price tag. It retails at a staggering $129, almost double the price of its predecessor. Now, however, Apple introduced a massive discount by offering it for $50. But this offer is not without a condition.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant will only allow the $50 purchase of the Magic Trackpad 2 if the buyer will buy a new iMac. That is not all. The new computer comes with a free Magic Mouse 2. You are only able to avail of the discount if you will exchange the mouse for the trackpad. So for consumers who are not upgrading their iMacs, the deal is off-limits. This bundling strategy recalls a similar discount campaign that Apple launched for the Apple Watch. Head to this link to know more about it.

For those wondering about the value of owning a Magic Mouse Trackpad as opposed to a conventional mouse or the trackpad's older sibling, it now has rechargeable batteries, force touch technology found in the latest Apple Macbook trackpad and a bigger surface area, not to mention it looks cooler, noted Ars Technica. It introduces touch and gestures controls that make it easier to interact with your personal computer.

If you want to purchase a Magic Trackpad 2, make sure that it is compatible with your current iMac setup. The device requires Bluetooth 4.0-enabled Mac, which must also run on OS X v10.11 or later, according to  Digital Inspiration