A Colorado city is weighing in on laws that allow woman to appear topless in public, according to The Coloradoan

The city of Fort Collins is pondering two separate changes to the current public nudity ordinance. One would make it illegal for a woman to appear in public, unless breastfeeding, and the second consideration is to allow all women to be topless in public, should they desire.

"At the request of a group of citizens, the city is considering updating the existing public nudity ordinance, which does not allow for women to be topless in public," city officials said in Monday's news release, The Denver Post reported.

"Both update options continue to prohibit any nudity from the waist down by any person over the age of 10 and will provide exceptions for medical emergencies, performance venues and changing areas," officials said.

Fort Collins citizens are asked to respond to an online poll available through Oct. 12, according to CBS Denver. They can share their opinions of the proposed changes here.

Another Colorado city was in the news this week when Denver was announced as the country's most sexually active state according to a recent U.S. study, as reported previously by HNGN. The Quality Health report listed the top city as having "copious amounts of sex," weighing in on births, condoms purchased, and female contraceptive purchased to calculate those rankings.