When a Michigan man's scrotum grew to 80 lbs, he could barely get around.

Dan Maurer was in constant pain, and there was no relief in sight for the 40-year-old from Battle Creek, Mich., according to The Daily News. And it wasn't until now that he's been able to resume "martial relations" with his wife, Mindy.

Maurer first started to notice his scrotum getting bigger in his 20s. A trip to the doctor just came with advice to lose weight. Maurer spent every day, walking 2 miles in the pool and dropped 50 lbs, but his scrotum continued to grow.

Fast forward to 2013, when Maurer watched a TLC documentary about a man suffering from scrotal lymphedema and realized exactly what his condition was. In 2014, he finally had the lifesaving surgery he needed.

Scrotol lymphedema is a disease that causes the lymphatic vessels to block, building up tissue outside of the testicles, which causes swelling - in Maurer's case, tremendous swelling.

Dr. Joel Gelman, head of the Center for Reconstructive Urology at the University of California-Irvine Hospital, agreed to perform the surgery free of charge for Maurer. There were a total of three surgical teams working for the 14-hour stretch of surgery.

When the surgery was complete, the surgical teams removed the 80 lb scrotum and 40 lbs of fat from Maurer's stomach, said USA Today. Hospital officials expected Maurer to be about 150 lbs lighter when he exited the hospital.

Mindy, Maurer's wife of 20 years, said they have happily resumed their sex life which has been absent for the last 7 years. According to Mindy, everything is in working order after the surgery.

Maurer's plight can be seen in the new TLC documentary, said 2 Paragraph, called "The Man With The 80-lb Groin."

"Hopefully it's the start of a whole new life for him," said Maurer's father.