US Laptop Ban Lifted On Royals Jordanian & Kuwait Airways After Implementation Of New security Measures

By Carie P. | Jul 10, 2017 09:46 AM EDT

The U.S laptop ban was already lifted on Royals Jordanian and Kuwait Airways following the implementation of new security measures for U.S. bound flights. This latest report was confirmed after the two airline companies announced that their passengers can already take laptops and electronic devices inside the plane.

Before it was reported that these two Middle East airlines were already exempted from the U.S. laptop ban, some airlines were already announced that they are exempted too. It can be recalled that recently, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airline, and Qatar Airways announced that the laptop ban was already lifted in their companies last week.

According to Reuters, The United States government banned laptops as well as other large devices last March on its direct flights coming from 10 airports in eight countries mostly from the Middle East. These countries included Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, Turkey, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. The purpose of the American government was to deal with fears and the possibility that these objects have bombs inside them.

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So after the implementation of the new security measures for flights going to the U.S., Royal Jordanian President Stefan Pichler said that their flights going to Chicago, Detroit, New York already lifted the ban. Meanwhile, the Kuwait Airways also said that it already lifted the laptop ban after U.S. officials conducted an inspection on its flights.

Meanwhile, BBC reported that the U.S. officials were asked for their comments regarding the lifting of h laptop ban on the above-mentioned airline companies. However, the said officials did not respond right away for comments. It can be recalled that it was last June 29 when the U.S. also announced enhanced security measures for flights going to the country.

Even if the laptop ban policy of the United States drew several remarks during the start of its implementation, the U.S. officials stood their ground since the security of the country was at stake. Also, with the implementation of new security measures, an additional time for passengers was required to screen their laptops and electronic devices.

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