Arab States Claim Qatar’s Refusal Of Their Demands A Proof Of Its Links To Terror Groups

By Carie P. | Jul 07, 2017 03:07 PM EDT

The four Arab countries which just condemned Qatar over its alleged involvement in terrorism just claimed that the country's refusal of their demands is just a proof that the allegation is true after all. Besides, because of the absence of a response from Qatar, these states vowed to enact another set of measures against it.

With the latest report and updates on the conflict among the Gulf states, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt just released another joint statement telling that t list of their demand which they presented before were now void. With this, the countries pledged new economic, political, and legal steps against Qatar because of the allegation.

Moreover, Reuters reported that the four Arab States claimed that the government of Qatar disrupted the diplomatic efforts which they offered at first in order for the conflict to be resolved. Because of the country's refusal, they also said that Qatar has the interest to upset the security and stability in the Gulf region.

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It can be recalled that the Arab states condemned Qatar for allegedly supporting acts of terrorism across the globe; thus, these nations presented their list of demands to the country. But Qatar already said that it will not listen to the demands but will prefer to have a diplomatic dialogue with the other Arab states instead.

The list of demands which the Arab states offered before included shutting down of the pan-Arab Al Jazeera TV channel, closing of the Turkish military in Doha, curtailing Qatar's support for Muslim Brotherhood, and downgrading its link and support for Iran. In totality, the Arab states presented 13 demands which Qatar failed to complete.

However, despite the warning from the four Arab states, Qatar made it sure that any measure which will be taken in the future will not be aimed at the people in Qatar but in its government. They also did not give any specific time or date as to when these new measures will be announced.

The previous month, the four Arab states already cut their ties with Qatar and even ordered their citizens in Qatar to leave the country. The day before the expiry of the deadline for the demands, the foreign ministers of these countries met in Cairo to discuss the matter.

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