Qatar Condemns Saudi Arabia For Refusing To Negotiate In Ending Crippling Embargo On The Emirate

By Carie P. | Jun 29, 2017 06:08 PM EDT

Qatar is reportedly condemning Saudi Arabia since the kingdom refused to negotiate and participate in the demands of its allies in order to bring an end to the ongoing embargo on the emirate. According to Qatar, what Saudi did was really contrary to the principles that govern the relationships between countries.

It can be recalled that Saudi Arabia together with some countries in the emirate started to impose necessary actions regarding Qatar after it was reported that the latter has been a supporter of global terrorism. In order for these countries to lift their actions, they presented certain demands to Qatar since these already affected the economy of the latter.

After having presented its list of demands, Press TV reported that Saudi Arabia refused to negotiate and enter into the deal to resolve the matter between the affected nations. Qatar was left isolated after its Gulf Arab neighbors declared trade and diplomatic embargo on the country.

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It was also reported that these Gulf Arab nations presented some fresh sanctions which could force their trading partners to select between working with them or with Doha. According to these countries, they already considered these economic sanctions.

Some of the sanctions which Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf Arab nations imposed to Qatar were closing airspace to Qatari carriers, blocking the emirate's only land border, and ordering all Qataris to leave their countries while asking their own nationals to return. These indeed caused an impact to the economic and trade relations of these countries with Qatar.

After that, they presented a list of 13 demands for Qatar which include the shutdown of Turkish military base in the emirate, closure of Al-Jazeera television, and a relegation of diplomatic ties with Iran. The United Arab Emirates warned Qatar that it needed to take the demands seriously or the country will face a complete isolation from its Gulf Arab neighbors.

But Qatar claimed that the accusations they have been supporting global terrorism and the move were unjustified. This ongoing conflict between nations in the Gulf Arab area also affected the United States since the latter has close economic ties with them.

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