Golden State Warriors' Steve Kerr To Explore Medical Options To Better His Long-Term Health

By Carie P. | Jun 21, 2017 02:29 AM EDT

Golden State Warriors' head coach Steve Kerr will be given the time this summer to explore more medical options in order to find a suitable treatment for his back surgery. It can be recalled that he was still experiencing the symptoms brought about by a spinal fluid leak from a back surgery.

It was also revealed that Bob Myers, the general manager of the Golden State Warriors said that Steve Kerr can have time off in the coming weeks so he can pursue medical options. To be able to do this, Daily News claimed that Kerr needs to do a lot of traveling.

There were speculations before that Steve Kerr will not be able to act as the head coach anymore of the Golden State Warriors because of the back surgery. He got offended by this and the management of the Golden State Warriors tried to dispel the idea and notion that it will be better if he just steps away and focuses on his health.

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But Steve Kerr proved that the health issue he was experiencing made him feel at his best which may be opposite to what his critiques were thinking. Her coaching job in the Golden State Warriors did not weaken him but propelled him.

It can be recalled that Steve Kerr missed the Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals after he took a six-week absence because of the back surgery. But he was able to coach the Golden State Warriors in the remaining games as the team won the championship title.

During the parade celebration of the Golden State Warriors after winning the 2017 NBA Finals title, Steve Kerr was with the team. But after that, he headed straight to San Diego, hit the beach and swam in the ocean.

In his latest interview, Steve Kerr mentioned that he has got few things going that he needs to focus at the moment and that he needs to travel. Though he preferred not to go into details, some people and fans thought that this referred to him seeking more medical options to better his health.

Apart from that, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors also confirmed that he feels better than he was six weeks ago. But Steve Kerr said that he still needs to gain some momentum this summer so he can feel a lot better soon.

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