NBA trade rumors are starting to swirl around Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. He's been mentioned for a couple of weeks in rumors mills and it seems that it will never fade away. Reports are spreading that he might be dealt with the Los Angeles Lakers with D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle as trade pieces.

The two-time MVP have been a high-valued target for all teams as he led the Warriors to two NBA Finals appearances in two seasons. He developed an all-around skill making him one of the best point guard in the league today. But he is well known to be the best sniper in the three-point arc with a 59.4% shooting percentage last season.

And now that he'll be an unrestricted free agent after this season, rumors are floating that he'll be traded by the Warriors and avoid a Kevin Durant scenario. According to Morning News USA, though many are expecting that Curry will re-sign with the Warriors, a possibility that he will leave the team can't be ruled out.

Aside from Curry, Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston will also be free agents next summer and in so, the Warriors don't have enough salary space to absorb the contract of four players mentioned.

And to prevent what happened to the Oklahoma City Thunder when Durant left them and get nothing in return, the Warriors are considering to have a trade deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Reports are saying that the Warriors will give up Curry to Lakers in exchange for D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.

Russell and Randle are two emerging players from the Lakers that have a potential to become superstar someday. Both players got praises to Warriors forward Draymond Green and Warriors coach Steve Kerr when the Lakers upset the Warriors last November 4.

Looking at the trade proposal, Russell and Randle are not match to Curry's value but considering the potential of the two in the future will be something the Warriors can ponder about. Aside from that, the risk of Curry leaving the team and choose Durant as the one that will be prioritized to be signed is very likely.

Earlier reports by Aussie Network News that come out stated that the Warriors do have plans to trade Curry in the future and it could happen before Curry will be a free agent. Curry's game is already affected with Durant's presence and he's not performing his best while Durant is still on the roster. And it might be best to trade Curry to get something in return.

Will the Golden State Warriors release Stephen Curry to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle? Tune in the to the latest NBA trade rumors and updates.