Latest reports just confirmed that Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr will be rejoining his team as they travel to San Antonio for Game 3. It can be recalled that the star coach missed Games 1 and 2 after falling ill since early days of the playoffs.

It was already certain and confirmed that Steve Kerr will accompany his team at the Golden State Warriors as they face San Antonio Spurs come May 21 for Game 3. As of the latest news, the Warriors is leading the series, 2-0 against the Spurs for the Western Conference Finals.

Even if Game 3 will not be that crucial for the Golden State Warriors, the management of the team decided to have Steve Kerr since this game will be held in the home court of San Antonio Spurs. It will really be an advantage for the Spurs.

Prior to rejoining his team, Sports Illustrated reported that the Golden State Warriors did not put a timeline on his possible date of Steve Kerr's return since they want to make sure that he is already healthy enough to work full time again. But it looks like he will not feel satisfied unless he will join his team and the traveling party for the Game 3.

Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr felt that he has gone from being away from his team for a long time already. As the playoffs started, he had just spoken by phone with interim coach Mike Brown and the other staff of the coaching team. Even if he was not with them in the actual games, he was monitoring and watching the first two games and was with them in their practices.

Meanwhile, NBA reported that the cause of Golden State Warriors Steve Kerry's illness was because of complications from back surgery. It can be recalled that a fluid which came from his spinal leaked and this gave him severe problems like nausea, headache, and some more. During his absence, Assistant coach Like Walton worked as his substitute.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerry's return was confirmed by the team's General Manager Bob Myers last Wednesday. But before that, the management made sure that he is ready and confident to return not to stay on the sideline then miss more games again.