Apple Watch Proven Accurate In Detecting Irregularities In Heartbeat, Can Be Used To Prevent Stroke

By Carie P. | May 13, 2017 07:07 PM EDT

Latest reports confirmed that the Apple Watch has been proven to be 97% accurate when it comes to the detection of the common irregularities in the heartbeat. This was the result of a recent study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco.

As it was proven to be effective in determining the rhythm of the heart, the study also used Cardiogram, a heartbeat measurement app and the Apple Watch was paired with an AI-based algorithm. After the study was conducted, it was found out that 200 out of the 6, 158 respondents had been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat.

Before the conduct of the study, it was first assured that the participants had normal EKG readings. But after the process which used Apple Watch, some of them had irregular heart rhythm. MacRumors reported that some engineers checked on a deep neural network in order to determine these irregular heart rhythms which came from the Apple Watch data.

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Prior to the conduct of the study, Cardiogram already started this last year when they tested if the Apple Watch can also determine an incoming stroke. It can be recalled that sometimes, the cause of stroke is an abnormal heartbeat.

And since the study already delivered the results, Cardiogram was able to conclude that Apple Watch was able to attain 97% accuracy in the ability of the neural network to detect abnormal heart rhythm. As of the moment, this is the study which was able to produce the result using the preliminary algorithm. Cardiogram also holds to this conclusion for the possibility that the Apple Watch can also predict then prevent strokes in the future.

Because of the result of the study, Tech Crunch claimed that more and more people are now starting to use Apple Watch in order for them to monitor the possibility of stroke and monitor their heartbeat. This study is much beneficial to the aged people who are the ones prone and vulnerable to stroke and heart disease.

According to the reports, the most common advantage of this latest study regarding the efficiency of Apple Watch to detect irregular heart rhythms is that it can help to save many lives. Surely, this will also bring good advantage to the medical experts.

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