Apple will be coming up with a 5-inch smartphone in 2017 sporting identical specs to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The next flagship Apple device will hit the tech market next fall, according to a 9to5Mac report.

The upcoming iPhone will feature dual-camera just like the iPhone 7 Plus but will instead showcase a vertical, rather than horizontal camera setup. Apple has earlier said to release a refreshed versions of iPhone 7 series in 2017. 

The report The report of a 5-inch iPhone surfaced in a Japan-based blog Makotakara. But the Cupertino tech giant has not yet confirmed if this 5-inch device. The refreshed iPhone 7 series for 2017 will come alongside the highly anticipated iPhone 8, which will grace Apple's 10th-anniversary celebration. 

Reports recently surfaced that Apple may likely depart from the classic aluminum and glass covered iPhones in iPhone 8. This as the latest iPhone 8 will accordingly sport plastic, curved, and OLED display. 

The company has already tested the curved glass architecture on iPhone 7 series and Apple Watch. The Cupertino company has already ordered around 100 million plastic OLEDs from Samsung Display.

But this will be the final year that Apple sourced its panels from Samsung Display. This after Apple is currently working with LG Display and Google to developed foldable panels for its upcoming smartphones to prevent design leaks to its rival Samsung.