Joe Biden became the object of extreme laughter as he assumed the reporters would follow the staff. Instead, a parting show that stonewall the president.

Joe Biden wants to implement a vaccine mandate, but the Supreme Court has blocked testing rules for major private corporations.

In Biden's first year of office, the staff has limited the interaction with the press, as he did not attempt to engage with the media as ex-president Trump did.

White House restrained questions for Biden

Following his update on the coronavirus and the Omicron variant, journalists were again escorted out by White House staffers and denied the chance to ask relevant questions, reported the Express UK.

Biden watched blankly as the media were hustled out of the chamber, who shouted questions at the president with no success.

However, a reporter was able to pierce through the clamor and sarcastically remarked they are looking forward to a press conference, to which Biden smiled and responded positively.

Last Thursday, Biden said that the national govt would double the supply of COVID-19 home test kits, bringing the number to one billion.

However, as the announcement came to a close, reporters tried to ask questions, with one asking why Americans should limit what they do, cited the Daily Mail.

Biden mentions to reporters that he'll be talking about that before the media was ushered let out. The staff was heard saying thank you with the intent to stop more questions that an evasive chief executive should answer.

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Biden's vaccine, testing mandates for private companies

Workers in businesses with 100 or more employees are obliged to be fully vaccinated or produce a negative Covid test each week to enter the workplace.

It is widely opposed imposition from many states, and many critics say it is an attempt to control red states that will not accept such rule from the White House.

In January, the White House opted to stop the question from the reporters when an announcement was made, which has become a regular practice to silence the press.

It is not the first time reporters have been denied access to the president as several were also escorted out of the room during an early January announcement, noted Ajansev.

Biden announced publicly that he would be acquiring more antiviral pills to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, reporters were swiftly whisked out of the chamber while Mr. Biden watched.

After Christmas, the same thing happened after the teleconference with the state governor, and the press was locked out from asking questions.

After the remarks, journalists were disallowed access once more, with accusations that White House coordinator Jeff Zients engineered the decision.

According to the Daily Mail, the current president has only conducted nine press conferences throughout his presidency. By comparison, Donald Trump had 21 and Barack Obama 27 simultaneously.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the Oval Office in 2021, wherein he fielded questions from the UK press about his UN statement. Once done with the announcement, the press was ushered out to prevent any direct questions to Biden.

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