Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and several other voting rights advocates do not have any plans to listen to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's speech during their trip to Atlanta today.

According to reports, Biden isn't expected to announce a new executive action, but he will speak out about voting rights and issues when it comes to American democracy.

"The president will forcefully advocate for protecting the most bedrock American right, the right to vote and have your voice counted in a free and fair and secure election that is not tainted by partisan manipulation," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said via Fox 5 Atlanta.

Several voting rights advocates don't want Biden, Harris to visit Atlanta

However, Black Votes Matter member LaTosha Brown said that she and several other residents would continue working instead of listening to Biden and Harris give their speeches.

After all, the members of Black Votes Matter and other voting rights advocates believe that what's needed is federal legislation and not endless talks. They also said that they prefer Biden to stay in Washington so that he could focus on ensuring that Congress will approve the voting rights legislation.

According to CNN, the Asian American Advocacy Fund, the GALEO Impact Fund Inc., and the New Georgia Project Action Fund want Biden to skip his public appearance altogether.

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Phi Nguyen, the Asian American Advocacy Fund executive director, even went as far as begging Biden and Harris not to push through with their trip because they are not needed in Atlanta.

Vyanti Joseph, the Asian American Advocacy Fund organizing director, said that Harris promised to push on voting rights during her visit to Atlanta last year. But several months have already passed, and there is still no progress.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris's Atlanta trip will push through

However, Biden and Harris will head to Atlanta not just to talk about voting rights but also to pay tribute to the late Martin Luther King Jr. In doing so, and the two leaders will visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

While there, Biden and Harris will also play a wreath at the crypt of King and his wife, Coretta Scott King.

However, Martin Luther King III and his wife, Andrea Waters King, previously urged everyone to cancel their MLK celebrations until approved voting rights legislation.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the chief executive at the King Center, Bernice King, will accompany Biden and Harris while they are in Atlanta.

Voting rights advocates want Biden, Harris to secure legislations

She said that she's also frustrated by the lack of progress on federal legislation. But she decided not to boycott Biden and Harris's speech because politicians and activists should remain engaged.

Georgia NAACP President Barbara Pierce said that they didn't sign the statements of other civil rights groups. But they also want Biden and Harris to focus on passing the voting rights legislation in Washington instead of traveling to Atlanta to give a speech.

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