Washington fires off for Ukraine talks before meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is seen as the aggressor. Still, the US is jockeying to determine the fate of Eastern Europe by engaging Moscow.

The US is dealing with the Kremlin by asking reporters without information until given clearance. One of the reasons is that any news from Russian sources is not reliable, but that goes the same for the alleged disinformation coming from the White House.

Washington tells the press to hold off reporting unless told to do so

Officials from the United States have determined that dealings with their Russian counterparts may be unbelievable. The administration stressed that any reports could follow after examining them, reported the Express UK.

They do not want to spread details according to the way Russian pre-empts information to set the pace and atmosphere, but Putin in the past has proven to run rings around President Joe Biden like in the recent Geneva Summit in 2021.

Hopes for de-escalation are hoped, but they don't want to negotiate a limitation or discussion of the US forces deployed, cited the DW.

Kethevane Gorjestani, a White House journalist for France 24, updated the negotiations. Stated that certain journalists have been told to hold off on reporting to not fall into Russia's interests, noted the Brinkwire.

Gorjestani said the US is not leaving anything to chance. She added that the US does not want the wrong messaging from Moscow. The Kremlin has effectively used this propaganda to get what it wants, as the Russian leader has been able to steer things his way via this method.

US officials say that the Kremlin will say that Washington has agreed on some points in the Ukraine talks, which should be perceived with caution.

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Any breakthrough will be confirmed and cleared for reporting to verify the news during negotiations. Before the discussions, the press was informed on January 8 that the talks would be held but no commitments.

US hopeful on talks with Russia

Hopes are on something concrete to come out of the talks, which the Secretary of State Antony Blinken stressed, but this is a general sentiment.

According to the statement of the Americans, they want the Russian to lessen the troops on the Ukraine border to continue talks in the future. There is doubt Putin will agree with the demands of the US, which does not even want to commit troops if the Russians rollout.

Blinken claims Moscow is to blame for the tension for threats against Kiev. But the Kremlin has accused the US of practice runs done by nuclear-capable bombers at Russia's borders.

Russian fighters have stopped several incursions by US planes; as the military drills in the Black Sea and close to Ukraine, the border has scared other bloc countries in the east of Europe. Fears of invasion by Russia have been fueled by the Biden administration that has caused panic in the EU. This is due to annexing Crimea in 2014 that happened before.

The Kremlin wants the NATO expansion into the east of Europe with a binding treaty that includes removing US forces in selected locations. Keeping NATO membership from Kyiv is a starting point of an offensive against Moscow, the discussions were done in seven hours.

Ukraine talks are essential to the security of Europe, but the bloc has been absent and Ukraine, take note that foreign policy fails have happened the last year. This should need a good hard look.

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