Donald Trump's attorneys seemingly threw shade at Joe Biden in their response to the House's attempts to gain access to the ex-POTUS's documents pertaining to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

On Wednesday, Trump's attorneys wrote a letter to the federal court saying that not granting the former head of state his executive privilege can pose bigger problems to the institution of the presidency.

"In reality, their success would gut the protections afforded presidential communications of any just and uniform standard. An incumbent president would always be able to condemn the actions of a former president from a rival party and permit confidentiality to be broken to further political ends," they said via NBC News.

In recent weeks, Trump and his attorneys have been trying to stop the House select committee from gaining access to their documents. He claimed that as the former president of the United States, he has executive privilege.

However, Biden previously denied Trump's request to halt the gathering of the documents. And a speaker from his administration also said that the ex-POTUS doesn't have executive privilege because he's not the president anymore.

Trump in danger of being exposed during ongoing investigations

According to reports, the appeals court granted Trump a short-term reprieve by blocking the National Archives from turning over his White House documents to the committee that's investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

However, this doesn't mean that Trump's files will never be submitted to the committee. Trump isn't the only one being investigated with regards to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

As of last week, two demonstrators were already sentenced to 41 months in prison for their participation in the insurrection. One of the demonstrators physically assaulted a police officer, while another wrote threats on former Vice President Mike Pence's table.

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House select committee issues subpoenas to demonstrators

This week, the House committee investigating the riot issued subpoenas to Trump's former spokesman, Roger Stone, and conspiracy manager, Alex Jones.

Two others were also subpoenaed for reportedly organizing post-election rallies where claims that the 2020 election was rigged were verbalized, according to CNBC.

The House select committee also issued subpoenas to Proud Boys leader Henry Tarrio and Oath Keepers President Elmer Stewart Rhodes.

A spokesperson for the House select committee explained that they subpoenaed these individuals because they believed they had relevant information regarding the insurrection earlier this year. But the one who reportedly has the most to worry about is Trump.

Donald Trump can be charged with a crime relating to Mike Pence

According to Politico, there are ongoing investigations as to whether the ex-POTUS could be charged with a crime for urging Pence not to certify the electoral vote tally.

In the end, Pence decided to side with the truth. And he also stressed that there was no proof that election fraud took place.

An attorney for the Justice Department Criminal Division, James Pearce, said that there's a possibility for whoever urged Pence to lie about the election to be charged with a crime if he knew that the vice president was under oath.

Pearce made no mention of Trump, but everyone in the room reportedly knew that the ex-president encouraged Pence to lie.

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