A crocodile grabbed a young Indonesian girl while she was swimming with friends. Locals assume the beast has taken her as prey. Her friends saw the victim get dragged down into the water without a fight.

Saltwater crocs are common in Asia's freshwater bodies, where they wait for suitable prey. These apex predators grow to such large sizes that they can easily take a full-grown man, much less a child.

Eight-year-old Indonesian girl swallowed by deadly reptile

It happened on the island of Buru in Indonesia. The vicious reptile devoured the victim, an eight-year-old girl. The horrifying scene witnessed by her friends was terrifying, who helplessly watch beast drag her down into the water, reported the Sun UK.

The eight-year-old victim, Suci Ramadhani, was slain by the reptile lying in wait in the water. Based on reports that she and friends were swimming in the Teluk Kayeli river last Wednesday Her friends saw her screaming and terrified as Suci did not stand a chance of escaping once the crocodile got her in its jaws.

Local's hunt for the predator

According to a search and rescue official, Korpos Rahmad Namlea told media that some locals tried to catch up with the crocodile, which grabbed the young Indonesian girl while swimming. They were able to spear the killer crocodile with the young girl's head lodged inside its mouth, noted the Mirror UK.  

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Those who caught the giant reptile had to check if they could get back the devoured child's remains and saw it was not inside its stomach. It took an extra two days to find her remains.

Namlea told the media that the Teluk Kayeli river is where many saltwater crocs live. There have been two more unfortunate attacks in the area during the past ten years.

These predators are enormous and can weigh up to 3 tons or less, then add their potential to grow as long as 20-feet or more, making them robust and imposing, cited Techno Trendz.

Salties or Saltwater crocodiles are top of its food chain, and they are opportunists waiting for hapless prey in the water or riverbanks. Once they grab an animal or person and drown it, it will swallow its victim as a whole when dead.

More victims of crocodile attacks in Indonesia

Indonesia had to kill 300 crocs in 2018 after the people made revenge attacks because a man-eating croc ate a guy in West Papau.

Way back in early March of the year, a flesh-eating salty croc which was a whopping 26-feet long had swallowed, an eight-year-old boy in Indonesia too. Dimas Mulkan Saputra got pulled quickly into the murky water while his father tried to save him but failed. According to the reports, the boys and his dad, Subliansyah, were fishing, but the boy stayed farther out.

Another victim, a fourteen-year-old boy, was eaten alive, and the remains were cut from the beast's belly later.

In 2020, Ricky Ganya was collecting snails on the River Kuching in Malaysia when the croc pulled him by the ankle. Then he was gone. Like him, a crocodile grabbed a young Indonesian girl while swimming and was eaten by the beast.

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